Vincent Zanni, a visual artist born in 1995 in Geneva, Switzerland, explores the potential of photography through a labor-intensive and analog methodology. He combines traditional and contemporary techniques like cyanotypes and wetplate to emphasize the significance of the process and materials used in his work.

In his recent projects, 'La Maison' and 'Sights of Unary,' he delves into the contemporary importance of family archives and memories, examining the interplay between imagery and societal impact. By immersing himself in his own family archives, he challenges conventional notions of permanence in photography and embraces its evolving nature.

Zanni provokes contemplation on the ever-changing dynamics of memory, loss, and familial heritage, pushing the boundaries of conventional practices. His experimental approach in the darkroom and exploration of family archives contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the transformative potential of photography in contemporary society. Through the materiality and transience of the photograph, he aspires to explore the relationship between images, memories, and the evolving fabric of our lives.


Guest Lecture

  • Lecture, KABK, fotodok, Den Haag, 2024


  • BA Fine Art Photography at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.
  • CFC Photography Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel de Vevey (CEPV), Vevey

Nominations & awards

  • Blurring the Lines talent 2023 - Special Mention
  • RM Photo Award - Won
  • RM Young Blood Award, Nomination
  • Drempelprijs (Honors), Willem de Kooning, Nomination

Current Exhibition

  • UNIQUE, Beyond photography, Hangar Art Center, Brussels, 2024

Past Exhibition

  • INCUBATOR, Kunstkerk, Dordrecht, 2024
  • Best of Graduates Legacy, Galerie Ron Mandos, Art Rotterdam, 2024
  • The new Current, Brutus, Rotterdam, 2024
  • Re/Geberation, stichtingkunstwerkt, Schiedam, NL 2023
  • SBK Sprouts Young Talents Awards 2023, SBK Gallery, Amsterdam, NL  2023
  • Arty Party: Photography Graduates 2023, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, NL 2023
  • Best of Graduates 2023, Galerie Ron Mandos, Young Blood Foundation, Amsterdam, NL 2023
  • Dammerung , Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam, NL 2023
  • Icoon, MINIM.AL Longing for Donald Judd, hoek van holland, NL 2023.
  • Huis van de Fotografie, Se retrouver To be Lost and Found, Rotterdam, NL 2020